Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Internationally known - Canada

Greetings love muffins! AiAiAiAiAi....

I've just come back from my fall break trip to Toronto, Canada...so fabulous! I gotta say, the people there got MAD style....even guys just walking out in daylight to do whatever are dressed to the tee (and no, they're not just in tee shirts)...Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me but if I did, I would've capture some pics of the locals. SO fresh SO fly...Anywho, I was fortunate enough to go into the shopping district, which was paradise btw...I had to stop to take a breath upon seeing this long strip of stores galore :D

I managed to snag 4 pairs of shoes (1 pair short brown suede boots; 1 pair high black suede boots; 1 pair skyblue-grey striped cotton flat w/ a twist; & a simple pair of black suede flats w/ a bow); a pair of purple tights, dark grey corduroy skinnies, & a red hobo bag w/ a big bow on it.....all under $140 in Canadian :)

Here are the two top stores that they have over there that I visited:


Urban Planet is a very urban (duh) & streetwear place that offers affordable prices on everything from shoes to coats...very fly!


Blue Notes is a very Old Navy/Gap-esque place that's casual yet chic...that's where I got the skinnies from and 2 pairs of shoes.

In addition, the place we stayed at was a hostel (that was definitely an experience) and it was near Kensington Market, which is a very big Farmers' Market/Canal Street-esque place...They sold everything from food to traffic vests (seriously...mad traffic vests) in these little makeshift shops so of course, I had to stop and do a little accessories shopping.

Those who know me know I have a shit ton of earrings and am always looking to accumulate more...which happened...I got a pair of big silver hoop earrings that are thicker in one part of the hoop...simple yet fabulous for $3 Canadian...gotta love that new currency shit...

So I thoroughly enjoyed Toronto...The club scene was fabulous, the streets are clean, people are stylish, and the food was SO diverse (we had Chilean, Greek, REAL Chinese, & Ethiopian...yum!)

So if you're ever in Toronto, def hit up those places!

eat breathe sex style,

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