Monday, October 13, 2008

Style Exists #1

Fuck my life. I have been applying to internships left and right so that I could get my ass to DC next semester, which can explain my absence from this blog. I will be in DC next semester (hopefully) and will be curious as to experience a new style down there.

This is a Style Exists moment. This is my friend, Sayoh. I chose her to be my first because she definitely embodies my idea of style (Note: not my style, my idea of style). She's eclectic, random, and possibly crazy sometimes (but that's more so her personality than her style). Her wardrobe consists of bright colors, different tees, and a bunch of polka dots. She has a strange love of panda bears and unicorns, which translates to her clothes. But her look is definitely very "sayoh," which is what prompted me to have her featured here.

When a look can only be described as your name (i.e. "sayoh"), that is when you truly own your style. Only Sayoh can pull together a combination like this (with different pairs of homemade shoes) and still look good. Note: only a few people I personally know have their names as style looks. Think you're one of them?

Sayoh's look:

(Yes, that is a large cutout of Destiny's Child in the back; No, don't ask..)

Note the shoes she designed herself and that they are both different:

Yep, only sayoh.
PS. Heading to Canada for fall break. I'm hoping to get some pics of the style there...ciao!

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